The sales invoice template in excel is used for representing the sales that take place between a seller firm and customer. This template serves as a valid record of sales activity.

It records the number of items sold out as well as the amount of revenue that is generated from the sale of the products.

Features of a Sales Invoice Template:

Among the other many details which a Sales invoice Template in MS Excel contains are related to different but sale relevant areas.

For instance, a sales invoice that has been created in an Excel column-like style contains the name of the buyer or customer as well as the name and logo of the company or seller mentioned at the top left-hand side of the sales invoice.

The signatures of the customer are taken on the invoice as soon as the customer receives the product and finds the invoice. Similarly, the official stamp of the seller company is also taken on the invoice.

The signatures of the sales manager or customer relations officer can also be taken on the invoice for the purpose of verification of sales activity.

MS Excel Format of Sales Invoice Template

sales invoice template in excel

The general format of the Sales Invoice Template is found in MS Excel because it entails columns and rows in which the details of sales activities can be recorded with precise attention.

On the other hand, if you are running a business in which the product sold by you does not imply many details with it, then you can also use MS Word document for preparing sales invoices.

In all cases, you will have to mention the amount of revenue earned from selling the product and the number of items that were sold to the customers. Without these two details, a sales invoice will be considered incomplete.

The unit of payment is also necessary to be mentioned on the sales invoice. For instance, if the customer has paid to the seller in dollar currency, then the unit ‘$’ must be mentioned on the invoice to get a clear idea that what exactly was paid by the customer to the seller.

Blank Invoice Template / Proforma Invoice Template

Date of Shipment/Sales in Sales Invoice Template in Excel Format

The date of shipment and the date of sales is necessary to be mentioned on the invoice.

Mentioning the exact and right date is compulsory as it forms the basis of the warranty period that the seller firm might have offered for its product to the customer.

The high quality of products is assured with guarantees that are said to have authorized verifications of the perfection of the product. In case of any inefficiencies or issues found in the product, the seller is legally bound to renew the product by either offering new products to the customer by performing free maintenance of the product.

This service by the seller firm is provided only during the period of guarantee. After the ending of this time period, the customer can no longer file any requests for free maintenance or renewal of the product no matter whatever issue may be found in the product after the guaranteed timeline.