Do your business make a lot of transactions on a daily basis or if you are unable to track small transactions on a daily basis for your business?

Excel Petty Cash Book Template makes monitoring and tracking simple for the business owners and lets them know about the petty cash amount required in their business to keep the management smooth on a daily basis.

To tell the truth, any single error or multiple errors may lead to confusion and problems in the however with this template you can own remain stress-free and become more efficient in tracking as well.

Petty Cash Book Excel Template

“Petty cash funds have been around for a long time as a quick method of providing funds to employees that need to make a purchase for a company. However, purchases made using cash are hard to track, easily forgotten, and ultimately make accounting a challenge.” (according to

Format and features of petty cash log template

Here are some features and specifications of this template listed here along with the format of the sheet. It includes:

Petty Cash Book Excel Template

General information

Company expenses can be managed in a simpler and efficient manner by using this template and it can be kept personalized and different from other templates as well. start entering your general data available here like company name, petty log cash sheet, date, and the month of the year.

About Petty Cash Book

  • The small amount of money.
  • Purpose of keeping management smooth and efficient at any time of the year.
  • It is not used for paying out your business bigger transactions.
  • It is kept for small transactions and mainly on a daily basis.

For and balance

Add the proper date, month, and year after and add the balance available for the petty cash on this date before filling up the table below.



start entering the dates of the month here. This is to show the expense is actually carried out on this specific date.

Receipt no.

To keep the cash management and tracking system efficient you may need to enter the invoice date and receipt number here. These invoices are then available in the records as well in the manual form if required.


Add the type of expense here along with the full description for it. this makes small expenditures and monitoring easy. These expenses may include, buying stationery, snacks, ingredients for tea repair, and maintenance for the office furniture or others!

Amount deposited

This shows the amount available on this date by the company to carry out these expenses well.

Amount is withdrawn

The amount taken to carry out the certain expense is listed here. Add the amount properly.

Charged and received by

Add the amount charged to the name and department here as well as the name of the person who has received the amount. This prevents errors later.

Approved by

Add the name of the person here who has approved this transaction amount.

To download a copy of Excel Petty Cash Book Template, you can submit a request in the comment section.