Gantt chart is a popular managerial documentation tool in this article you will find an example of the Gantt chart. Basically, this tool provides you project dashboard on which you can view the latest timeline of your project.

There are two parts to this chart one side (left) is the task or project list and the right side shows a graphical illustration of your project progress.

This managerial tool provides you assistance to split your project into small tasks (into task list side) that you can assign to your working staff. Many business folk turn your entire system towards these advanced tools for saving their time and managing bulk data.

As a project manager, your job isn’t completed after making a project, your job is starting after making any business master plan or little project.

The whole thing is that how you are cable of managing things around, and how to work with combined departmental effort and reshape into the completion of the goal.

Gantt Chart Example & How it Works?


This section will clear you how it looks like and the working process and further I explain it. As you see in the lest section of the chart it’s the task side you can easily give your project or task name here and on the right side, you can set its deadline.

The upper horizontal bar helps you to set deadlines. You can make a schedule, work timings, dependencies, explain the task, notice, and groups too. Review Gantt Chart Template


This Gantt chart example also shows how you can make a subtask that will help your staff to complete their primary tasks. Your whole project’s success depending on these small and big tasks’ completion and progress.

In this example, you see that there is more than one group of task, like task group 1, task group 2 and 3, etc. It’s a professional way to manage your different project’s latest task the most important thing is that you can easily assign them to your staff.

The upper bar represents each task starting and ending date or time.

One of the most professional edges about this chart is that you can manage your different projects on a single dashboard and can track any project at any time.

In the Gantt chart example you can it’s easy to monitor and control your employee’s or staff’s progress regarding their performance. It allows for professional planning well-organized allocating tasks to those who are working on their concern project.