Rental receipt form is a very important document for you using Excel receipt templates that are available in enormous numbers, you can easily get this and take all your professional matters on paper.

If you own some property and you have rented it out or else you have any other sort of item in hand which you provide on a rent basis.

These templates are based on a standard format of payment receipt. Anyone can use them while receiving rent from the renters.

The basic purpose of using this slip is to provide any authentic proof of receiving rent from the client or renter by each month or decided tenure and keep a record of all payment history.

Also, it is beneficial for self account keeping and database management to use a rental receipt form template in excel that avoids much of your effort to create handmade bills and write payment details especially when you have them in bulk.

Templates enable you to put on the required information in the ready draft and simply take out the print for use.

Format of Excel Rental Receipt Form Template

Excel Rental Receipt Form Template

As such there are no instructions regarding the format of the rental receipt form however the format must have necessary information which actually means the purpose of writing this form.

Since it is for financial record keeping at both ends, therefore payment details, date, and mode of payment should be written necessarily.

Also, there should be signatures for verification and ensuring that both ends are clear with their tariff. We have listed the order of information in a step-by-step description which you can read and follow while writing your own receipt at need.

Take a look at the steps listed below here;

  • Write the name of your renting company or agency on the main title position which holds the write to collect money
  • Write the name of the client, his contact details, and registration number at the agency
  • Write the address of the place, in case of the hostel, write the room number
  • Write payment details, received amount, arrears if any, and balance amount
  • Finally, write the sections of signature and verification to ensure the authenticity of the form

These are important points you should keep in mind while creating this draft.

Excel Receipt Form Templates For Rent

Excel Rental Receipt Form Template

Instead of writing each slip by hand and maintaining a rent record on a manual register, you can use smartly designed Excel receipt form templates.

You can list down all your renters in a column, gather their payments, and add them in one column. There is no need to count money yourself. Simply put the required details and it will organize everything for you.

There are a number of functions in these templates which allow you to set formatting parameters, layout and also automate much of your work. You can also Download Rental Template in Word

Download Rental Receipt Form Excel Templates

You can get plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize according to your needs. In case you don’t find the best match, you can get your personalized best rental receipt form from expert and professional template designers.