Social Media Dashboard Spreadsheet Template in Excel is using in leading professionals and expert persons in the market; who are able to run an impressive online social media campaign.

Social media is now considered to be one of the most effective ways of targeting your audience. Delivering your message across the internet. Managing social media multiple campaigns and profiles can be a daunting task for companies; however, it is important to keep the organization in the online presence of the company.

With so many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, and for the companies who are running their online campaign using multiple profiles and accounts.

They are required to have all the data in the excel spreadsheet for better management and organization in their online activities.

Social Media Dashboard Spreadsheet Template in Excel Features

Now get the most from social media websites through downloading this free template and here are some key highlights of this excel sheet:

Social Media Dashboard Spreadsheet Template in Excel

It can be used for multiple channels.

  • One of the benefits of having this tool is that you are able to have all your channels data and information at one place.
  • If you are using multiple channels, you might be looking for the fact which channel is actually effective and which is getting most of the traffic to your website, this template can show this.
  • You are able to see the monthly data and therefore which channel is actually relevant to your business. This is because some channels can use specifically for targeting any specific age group.

All the key metrics and data are available through the Social Media Dashboard Spreadsheet Template in Excel

  • If you are looking for any key metric individually and the effect it has on the website or business, you are able to do it in less time and quickly through having a single spreadsheet for it.
  • It shows metrics like volume, revenue, conversions, activity, and audience, which is also helpful in making smart decisions not otherwise possible.
  • Each metric is affecting the business either way and this can view from this sheet.

It gets up-to-date after a specific time period, beneficial for effortless and smart planning.

  • Whenever you are adding any more data, you are able to see the change in the template.
  • This is because any change in the data is reflected in the key metrics and show in the template automatically.
  • It is a free version.

Social media analytics Excel Dashboard Template / Get More DashBoard Templates

If you are required to make the reports at the end of the month; you need to take help from the analytics and there you see the traffic source that is organic traffic or social media traffic. Now you are able to show and add thin information In your reports as well.

Social Media Dashboard Spreadsheet in Excel Strategy 

If you are interested in creating a smart and productive strategy for your company’s online presence. You can download this premium quality free template and start following it for your next social media campaign.


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