Commercial Invoice Template Excel is used as a billing invoice to send the bills payable to the customers. It serves as an official record of the payment notifications made to the customer. Many small and medium business organizations use this invoice template for sending bills to their customers. In this regard, those business organizations that are dealing with product selling or services deliverance to customers are particularly using this invoice template.

Importance of a Commercial Invoice Template

This invoice template has a lot of importance in daily business activities. It serves as a valid record of service or product deliverance from the seller to

the customer. This record serves as a validation of the sale activity that has taken place between the customer and the seller individual or firm. This implies that the customer is legally bound to pay the seller firm or individual the due amount that is mentioned in the invoice. This due amount is actually the cost or bill for the services of the product acquired by the customer.

Creating a Commercial Invoice Template Through Excel

Commercial Invoice Template Excel xls

If you do not want to rely on the sample template of the Commercial invoice, then you can create it on your own. You just need to make some changes to your MS Excel worksheet and then, the commercial invoice will be ready to use.

In this regard, the necessary details that need to be mentioned on every invoice template include the name and address with postal box number of the customer as well as of the organization that is selling products or services to the customer. The official logo and stamp can also be included on the invoice for enhancing the authenticity of the invoice.

The brief details of the products sold to the customer with the total amount or number of items sold to the customer are also mentioned. The price for each unit of the product and the total price are also mentioned in digits as well as in words in the invoice.

When the invoice is delivered to the customer, the signatures of the customer can also be taken on the invoice as it serves as proof that the invoice has been delivered to the customer. The signatures of the customer can be taken on the carbon copy of the invoice.

Sample Template of Commercial Invoice in Excel / Download sales invoice template in excel

If you have never viewed a commercial invoice template, then you can simply search it on the internet where you will find many sample templates of Commercial invoices. Most of the templates that you will find will be free to download. You can also find sample templates with customized designs. You can use them for your own billing invoices that you want to send to your customers ( if you are running such a business setup ). In this regard, you can find the customizable designs of sample templates of commercial invoices on project management or other blogs. The templates available on such blogs would be more reliable than the ones you find on a website.