ITIL RACI Matrix Model Template is specifically for those professionals who understand the significance of clarity and the importance of consulting the right person for the process.

Understanding the key responsibilities of project team members in the organization. And efficient project managers can play a key role to clear these roles.

Any confusion related to tasks and responsible persons may result in avoidable damages and troubles which can affect multiple areas of production or the company.

Thus, RACI Matrix ITIL is prepared, making your project managers aware of the responsible person. Any current problems in the company can result in negative impacts on the project productivity or quality of outcomes, making your customers dissatisfied, therefore companies are always looking for excel templates, which can make all the confusion clear.

Whether a project manager is required to share a plan or if the implementation for the group is required. He is able to consult the right person easily through this sheet.

Features of ITIL RACI Matrix Model

XLS RACI Model ITIL Excel Template

Now remove delays in the communication process, by making this template part of your organization, and here are some top features which make it a preference for companies.

Now understand roles and responsibilities easily through remaining in touch with this excel template.

  • Well, assigning responsibilities among your project teams, is challenging if the specific target is not met. Project managers can ask the right person and this person can view this template.
  • You might not able to memorize each person on the team or more specifically the informed person. But now you remain aware of the informed and consulted candidate through reviewing the excel workbook.
  • It allows you to become aware of the team roles and then spread out the duties in a more efficient way and check the right person for the job.

Responsible, accountable, consulted and informed person can be highlighted by this template.

  • You are no longer to worry about making updates in the sheet, as whenever any new person comes in the team or one is replaced with another this is automatically shown by this template.
  • Project managers may get confused about the right person as RACI matrix ITIL is related to each other. However, this excel spreadsheet is extremely helpful in reducing the chances of this.
  • Roles can view in individual cells, therefore you never mix up any of these and this helps in making decisions rapidly.

Responsibility RACI matrix excel template for construction project

Typically construction industries require more timely and efficient decisions. Otherwise dependable tasks are not even accomplished on time. If you are already working in the construction industry, you are aware of the fact. That cross-functional areas are working on at the same time and more effective decisions are required.

ITIL RACI Matrix Rules

While you fill up any RACI matrix model, you must ensure that you are entering the right persons in a column. As these persons are then consulted, rather than their teams. And project managers are able to consult the right person through this information added up in this template.

ITIL RACI Model Template in Excel

How to Use ITIL RACI Matrix Model

We divide this process into 3 steps that are following:

Setting Up Project Task

In this, we set up a whole project task list. First, we divide the project plan into a small task with the help of WBS, and then we put them into different phases of the process. After that, now we can assign tasks to concerned employees.

Creating a list of Employees

This step involves the creation of an employees list. In this list, we add all team members including top management, project managers, working staff, and stakeholders. Remember, we must add those individuals or companies too that are not directly involved in the project.

We can also name them according to their role in that project.

Assigning RACI To Each Member

Now, it’s time to assign RACI to each member. In this step, we put a name into column 1, and against it, we put a task list. That person will responsible for those specific tasks that a listed against his name. We can also use Abbreviations as “R” stands for Responsible for executing tasks.

This column is abbreviated as “A” that represents Accountable for that Tasks/job. The job of this individual is to keep an eye on running tasks whether it’s done properly or not.

Moving forward to the next column that is abbreviated as “C” stands for Consulted for the task. This job is about consulting the task if an employee that is working on the task is asking for a consult then the person in this column is responsible for consulting.

In this section of abbreviated “I” stands for informed for project tasks progress. Now, if a task is completed properly, that person will inform this “I” labeled person. Because this person is eligible to be informed about project progress and mostly they are project managers, top management or stakeholders.