There customized and verified project status template that refers to the actual standing of the project, incurring the real values of different parameters, and based on the implemented formulas, these dashboards evaluate the whole process and find out the current position where the project lies.

Project management, therefore, suggests the consistent reporting and status issuing of the project after short intervals of time and short duration that may carry major milestones and other stand-able project components.

It becomes easier for both planners and project managers to seek the future of their project and what elementary requirements are yet to be made to fulfill the shortcomings.

Not only the time matters but also the finish and quality of work is important for the self-sustained processes.

Therefore, this project status report template is highly recommended to be obtained and then customized according to the requirements of the project.

Once a manager enters the reports from the lower team about the working, these templates carry out their formulation to display where the project lies and where towards its heading on.

Weekly Project Status Report Template in Excel

project status report template

Assessing these activities over weekly or monthly time spans would help these managers to have a consistent look at their employees and evading out the bad sectors at the very right time rather than waiting the whole period and then bearing a loss at the end of the project completion with imperfect working.

There are several different templates of Excel available for this reason. These reporting templates can be easily downloaded and then customized according to the right project requirements, catering to the desired working sections, and adjusting their values to assess what is the current status of your project.

This can be done daily, weekly, and on monthly basis.