Project managers are being using different kind of managerial resources for check and balance on their running projects progress. If we talk about managerial resources there are hundreds of tools available in which some are paid and some are free of cost. Here I’ll discuss about some professional paid management tools that you can use on your smart phone.


This application is avaible for android and IOS devices and its professional options allow you to make a dashboard of different project on which you monitor and control progress reports of your employees. This application cost you from 21$ per month to 835$ per month depending how many kinds and numbers are project you are monitoring through this app.


This project management clarizen software is compatible with android and ISO devices. Basically it offer you to make and manage project online portfolio, planning, strategically management plans, budgeting, scheduling, tasking, measuring and evaluation infact you can make a project plan from raw to professional. It also includes risk, change management plan. This application cost you 30$ per month to 60$ per month.  A most professional application that ever made till now.


Another professional management application that is being used by different project manages. Company aim is to provide assistance in minimizing anarchy and ambiguity in project management. This application offers project management services like portfolio, planning, marketing, feasibility, strategic approach, and forecasting, budgeting initial to deployment on high level. You can use this app on android and blackberry and ios platform. This software will cost you from 30$ to 50$ per month as per usage.