Download one the most important slip which is required in school for recording purposes about teacher’s salary and it is preferred in XLS format, which has been added here.

Teacher’s attendance sheet template is fundamental as it is required when creating this slip. Your school or institution accounting department is required to prepare updates salary slip which must be provided to teachers when handling over the salary, therefore, format can help you out.

  • School System of Finance Easily handle
  • Record of Every Teacher
  • Help in Budget Scheduling

Our webpage consists of slips in different layouts therefore if you are looking for the receipt in PDF format, it is also searched here. Salary receipts are part of workplace and organizations and help out operations in payroll department as well, as it is created to keep proof of salary paid to specific employees.

Teacher Salary Slip Excel Format


First Section header, where you can adjust some necessary items like;

  • Employee Name:-
  • Designation
  • Employee Code (If no of Employees in a company)
  • Branch code
  • Month
  • PF No

Then in the body section do not forget to mention some basic information with respect to particular employee like;

  • Earning status
  • Amount
  • Deduction and Total Amount

Teacher Salaries Slip XLS Format and Features

Well, if your slip is in a well presentable manner, it may quickly impress the new teachers coming in the school as well or teachers shifted to a new branch recently.

  • Quick Details: –using other documents when preparing the pay stub, can help you make salary receipt quickly as they might affect the salary of the teachers.
  • Old versus new teachers: – old teachers are given fringe benefits along with the basic salary as well, which can be seen in the salary receipt.
  • Informing: –if you are not using receipt system, it might be asked by your teacher who is required to share the salary details with someone else.

Benefits of Teacher Salaries Slip Excel Format

One of the direct benefits of preparing the salary slip is reducing the effort required to create written receipts which have increased chances of error and mistakes as usually salary is given to all the teachers on the same date. Depending on the working days and teachers present in the school, the salary amount is affected.


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