Nowadays business moves towards more advancement with new technological trends, so as a project manager you should be aware of these techniques to utilize in their system and keep eye on competitors move for stay on filed. You don’t ever realize about the advancement of technology like Microsoft, SharePoint, SQL, ERP and SSP system.

For be an expert in project management you not only be a master of train everything but also make some plan for training their employees for learning different techniques and advance systems.

Top Open Source Project management Technologies

Open source technology like Google platform for data sharing and project management, in which spreadsheet By Google Docs, Smart-Sheet, Base-camp are on top. Bigger organization are utilizing primavera p6 8.3 version including EPPM facility to handle over 10000 projects within organization.

project management softwares


For reporting any project, open interface for team members, creating documentation and other methodological works


Based on Ruby on Rails framework, automatically Gantt chart, pert or BCG matrix for visualization. Download this software trail version on above link.


Self hosted PHP application for free project monitoring and task operating vs schedule management like production as well as communication within organization will be improve with this open based technology for project management.

Agile Project Management Technology

Latest PM book edition 5th discuss about the importance of agile technology keep worth in organization, that’s why mostly bigger companies moving from agile PMP training for their staff for stability among competition environment.

Primavera P6 Project Scheduling  

Its master of project scheduling, multiple projects track and handle without this system experience confusion or difficulty to operate. Mostly U.K based companies or GOVT industries utilizing their system due to much coast and space.

To some instinct business management required some technical mind to use technology like that in existing system, because sometime changes are good for you or other may change entire game. That’s why project manager make some plan to implements anything in existing system.

Drawbacks of System and Project Manager’s

Some particular person doesn’t wants to implement anything in existing system, for example Microsoft launch excel 2014 version, but you doesn’t wants to implement this new technology. In this case your competitors have an edge regarding anything like Mobile technology compatibility browsers or networking issues, email and PDF auto open system, convert to any type of format in Microsoft excel or other.