Well if your company is selling out something or you need to manage various sales orders, SALES MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD EXCEL available here. Moreover, it acts as a dashboard in excel, suitable for any company. To tell the truth, lack of concentration or focus can cause disorganize data & various losses! If you are part of a company or running it, it is time to get an excel template, which keeps you updated all the time. Furthermore, it doesn’t result in more expense or staff members.

Alternatively, understanding the sales trends and performance in the time period helps in decision-making as well as drive business goals successfully! With regards to this, the recent conversation has been made over strategies; with an excel template at your end, you can always prevent losses. For instance, look out for your top clients in the month!


Generally, you can download a working sales order with key features like:


Sales order dashboard

  • To say nothing of it, it can drive business in the right direction. This is because you are aware of the loss and top product as well.
  • By way of example, this is the dynamic sheet, which lets users choose the dimensions of data and shows sales performance immediately. (you are free to add more imperatives or sales factors**)
  • In all honesty, it is easy to read, a graphical report is available at any instant. Enjoy clear communication among your sales team with this free sheet in excel!
  • You are free to make changes as well.

Sales Marketing Management Dashboard Excel

    • Regarding this, complexities of sales can are easily manageable with an excel template & therefore it is already part of many B2B companies.
    • Either you are managing a call center or supervisor at the company, you can remain ahead of your competitors & warehouse end products with this sales marketing sheet.
    • Specifically, if you have this one, it is easy to compare the performance of various criteria & sales agents. (**can get too cluttered if you add several dimensions).
    • Real sales dashboards can be shared with managers. Get More Dashboard Templates.


  • It can help you analyze: How are sales going this month? (for every department or team!)
  • Which opportunities were recently won and lost? (it helps you avoid losses in the future as well as you can outline major profitable products)
  • To tell the truth, product sales order has an eye-catching layout for easy sharing and deciphering. ** Share sales pipeline with your senior team members!
  • Moreover, this excel sheet Includes a tweet board (well various spreadsheets) for easy interpretation and key messages. Makes delivery easy.
  • Makes calculations for invoices easy.


Use these ideas to make your dashboard more eye-catching:

  • Shows the growth rate of sales (for single or more months!)
  • Compare financial data with information. A must component of sales volume sheet!
  • Furthermore, conditional formatting can make your dashboard extremely amazing!