Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Recruitment can never be so efficient if the applicant’s data is not available in an organized form, and the Recruitment Tracker Excel Template is available in excel format. Which can be easily filled with information. Individuals apply from different cities or locations.

However, there are certain limitations that must be considered before selecting the person for the specific designation. A recruitment tracker is helpful for small business corporations.

As well as business with a number of branches as all the data can be incorporated without worrying about the extra cost.

Some companies are providing other facilities along with basic salary, while others are only providing a basic salary to their employees, therefore it is important to consider all the information of the applicants carefully before selecting any employee.

Recruitment Excel TrackerRecruitment Tracker Excel Template XLS

Candidate details must incorporate in an excel template and provide to top management and some applications are instantly rejected.

Use the candidate tracking spreadsheet to manage all applications with a single click. That’s our base on the information of the applicants, while others are shortlisting for the interview.


5 Steps of Recruitment

There are five basic steps are involved in the process of recruitment, but it may vary from company to company. These steps are following:

Applications Data

The first step of hiring starts from collecting job applications, nowadays, companies mostly use social media platforms to advertise vacancies, but there are multiple sources to collect Job applicant data that may include ads in Newspapers, direct promotions, and so on…

Shortlisting Job Applications

Now, after advertising a job vacancy, a company may receive a large number of applications. So, we segregate applications according to the company’s criteria and make a list of eligible candidates whose C.V is according to the post specification.

Job Interviewing

This step has involved the interview with eligible applicants. Now, this process is very important, because it depends on the job position. However, an interview may have more than one sitting according to requirement. For example, when talking about the corporate sector, in which you want to hire a project manager, then you have to conduct more than 1 interview.

Offering Job

The fourth step involved Job offering that includes salary and other benefits to applicants. After the interview, it’s up to candidates to accept the job offer on offered salary or benefits. They may negotiate with the HR manager.

Joining the Company

In this last step of recruitment, candidates join the company and work on specified positions on which the company and applicants were agreed.

Mostly, a candidate joins a company between 3-4 weeks.

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Importance of Recruitment Tracking Spreadsheet

Tracking is not necessarily to check out a new employee’s background. In fact, it is easier to check how are they performing during the initiation period.

According to some rules starting three months of the job is the checking process. And after that employees become permanent, therefore this must mention in the excel template.

Also, Quick KPI Chart Template Excel is prepared in different formats, as some of these are prepared by the department’s head, while others are selected by project managers for the selected projects.


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