Project Initiation Document is being used in several projects. This initiation template is used for documenting the essential rationales for initiation and implementation of a project. The Project Goals are identified and defined through it. For instance, it is identified that:

  • Why the project is undertaken?
  • Why the implementation of project is necessary to achieve?
  • What are the underlying factors that necessitate and require project implementation?

Similarly, the Scope of the project is also defined in this Project Management document, also represented as PID. Furthermore, the project organizations and individuals who are directly or indirectly related to the project are also identified. All the contributing factors are also located and regulated. The cost of the project and the underlying benefits of the project are also evaluated. In this regard, the most important section of PID is the identification of the stakeholders and entities that are responsible for successful initiation and implementation of the project. The responsibilities are elaborated and assigned to respective entities.

How Project Initiation Document Template Works?

Project initiation document template

The Project Managers assign responsibilities to stakeholders, employees, and other staff of the project management team through evaluating the responsibilities by using the Project Initiation Document. The PID is actually a technique of PRINCE2 Project Managing rules which has essential importance in the initiation of a project. It serves the role of a reference point from which a project has to be commenced. All the constraints that might occur in the initiation phases of project management are also located and planned to be alleviated. Download Daily Expense Tracker Template

The deadline of the project is essential to be met accurately as it will define the successful implementation of the project. For this purpose, a well-planned timeline must be allocated which could encapsulate every phase of the project. All the stages of the project should ideally have valuable contribution in the implementation of the project.

The sub-tasks of every project are essential to carry out for an overall and complete execution of the project. However, it cannot be achieved without the correct identification, evaluation, assignment, and undertaking of these sub-tasks. The PID plays effective role in not only identifying but in also evaluating and assigning the sub-tasks of the project to the undertaking authorities. Hence, it leads to efficient project execution.

Project Initiation Document

The PID also contains details for business case of the project. For instance, the profit maximization tools and cost management plans are also evaluated. In this regard, the focus on cost minimization is essential as it is the basic requirement for every business to be regarded as profitable. Every detail in the business plan is evaluated in the best interest of the stakeholders of the project. These details are evaluated in the Project Initiation Document; hence, the PID gains essential importance in this regard.

PID is being widely used in project management. The Project Managers perform an evidence based study and identify the core strategies for accurate initiation of the project which could finally result to efficient execution of the project. In all circumstances, this Project Initiation Document template entail effective project management techniques for carrying out the project.