Project Activity List Template

Project Activity List Template is vital for project success in 2018 and beyond. This is because the project now comes with rising customer expectations and new types of difficulties and issues which must be detected on time.

Keep in mind; the activities performed dependably decide the result. Utilize this template to keep the better purposes of your venture as sharp as could be expected under the circumstances. Moreover, it can save time!

Plan every movement of your project, and you will get an unpleasant surprise or in the end, you will have time for improvement as well.

The signs of improvement come from tracking and do require time which is now possible with this high-quality template. Fill in short depictions of each procedure, and make sure to incorporate whom they’re allocated to and of course the responsible person for it as well!

Significance of Project Activity Template

The project activity template represents a lot of useful information to analyze the viability of the project in several ways. Project Network Diagram can be made from the project activity template described in the above section.

It’s a graphical representation of activities linked as per their dependency order. Each activity is mapped by an arrow whose tail represents the start of the activity and the head represents the finish. The length of the arrow denotes the duration of the activity.

Investigation of critical paths and critical activities are the most important phases in the project management plan.

Project activity template designed to make a precedence network diagram (PND)can lead to finding a critical path and critical activities of the project.

The critical Path Method (CPM)is applied over PND to find the critical path of the project. The critical path is the path that defines project completion time. It is the longest route to the completion of the project.

All activities that lie on this path are called critical activities. Critical activities have zero floats or slack means any delay in completion of these activities will delay the completion of the project.

Critical activities uprooted from the project activity template are a key focus of project managers to control before and during project application.

Format of Project Activity List Template

It makes extends significantly simpler to execute when everybody in the project team knows their primary and secondary responsibilities. Go ahead and have a look at its layout:

Project Activity List Template

General information

Start working on the activity list template by filling up the general information about the project. Enter the project name, the project manager, and the starting date for it here!


The table consists of the headings, project name, and category, assigned to, estimated date of completion, and estimated finishing date.

Enter the project name in column A while the category in column B. Select the category by clicking on the arrow.

Now enter the project estimated stared and ending date in columns D and E.

Keep this template accurate by taking the notes and making the modifications In the dates whenever required.  Numerous projects have been facing time management difficulties and lack of control due to the unavailability of timely and accurate data, however, through using Project Activity List Template you can remain stress-free.