The prioritization matrix is fundamental in six sigma therefore templates in PowerPoint tools are designed for this process. Excel and word templates for free are also available here for better organization in the companies.

Having an idea and picture of the project is helpful in deciding what is under progress and what is going to come next. Priorities can be set against tasks required to complete a project. If the worksheet is viewed by other people in the organization he can observe the nature of the specific job.

Problems and issues are quite common in the business however once it is indicated the percentage and type of risk faced by a specific operation this can be sorted out efficiently and quickly.

Priorities are also set in institutions and construction businesses to show the importance of jobs for a specific project.

Format of Prioritization Matrix PowerPoint Template

Format of Prioritization matrix in PowerPoint in 2010 format, check out some simple but professional sample before checking here below.

  • The requirement column holds information compliance, security, operations and misc.
  • Description of the tasks and operations is also added.
  • The criticality of the operations can be observed as critical, high, medium and low.
  • Notes are added against operations and tasks.
  • Steps are added to reduce the criticality of the operations.

Feature Prioritization Matrix Template

Project planning and time management can be achieved by using cost management worksheets. By composing a feature matrix template focus can be made towards the quality of final products.

Operations that are more important can be showed up with more bright colors. Risks faced by operations can be viewed exactly and quickly as high, medium, and low is indicated in front of the operations.

Action Priority Matrix Template

Action plan worksheets are formulated in organizations to make the planning effective. Once a planning procedure is made with the time limits.

It is important to add the actions required to achieve them. Actions to do right away and plan to do as soon as possible can be observed.

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