Office Maintenance Schedule Excel Template

You can now keep your office in proper condition making its maintenance on time. The office maintenance schedule for the purpose can now be set easily using this worksheet.

The fact that staff members and clients feel even more satisfied in a clean office. This helps in even getting good fame for your brand and valuing possessions in the office as well. Likewise, all the areas of the office must be clean and this is now possible.

It might seem that you are now done and there is no need for repair now. However, minor issues are better than major issues. If you take care of the office from the start, it prevents bigger expenses and issues as well.

Moreover, some of the assets need monthly repair as well!

Office Maintenance Schedule Excel Template

You can now have a template for this purpose, without increasing your expenses. Here are some of the features of this excel sheet:

Office Maintenance Schedule Excel Template

Practice maintenance schedule template

  • To tell the truth, this practice is vital for all places.
  • This sheet consists of: “equipment”, “date checked”, “action required”, “action completed” & “signature of a person checking, along with its name”.
  • The equipment list holds, “scales”, “blood glucose monitors”, “examination light”, “fire extinguishers” & “thermometer”.

Working office maintenance schedule for you

  • Keep your office clean, hygienic, and appealing.
  • The sheet consists of: “area”, “task”, “frequency”, “schedule”, and excel.
  • Area, task list holds, “ remove trash”, “empty recycle bins”, “clean windows”, “shampoo carpet”, “organize storage space” & “clean computer equipment” as well.

Simple Maintenance Schedule Template

For some companies, yearly schedules are useful. Moreover, this sheet provides, weekly, daily, monthly, and yearly clean planners for you! Get more schedule templates.

In the same way, seasonal tasks are usually; “fertilize lawn”, “clean attic”, “service cooling system” and “cooling drapes”. Monthly tasks can be wax hard floors, paint the parking areas, trimming hedges, and more.