A Blank Invoice is a document that is used for mentioning and recording the details of sales or expenses. By using MS excel Blank Invoice Template.

This may include the sales activity of any type that might happen between a customer and seller of a product that is sold to the customer. In this regard, the Blank Invoice Template is generally a formatted Invoice with nothing mentioned on it so that you can use it for any of your sales activities.

Sample MS Excel Templates of Blank Invoice:

If you do not know how a blank invoice in MS Excel looks like, you may search it on the internet. You will find many samples of Blank Invoice on different blogs and websites.

Mostly the project management blogs have such sample templates with them. Some blogs might also offer free downloading for the sample templates which they have provided on their blog.

It will save you a significant amount of time as you might not have to create an invoice design of your own. Another benefit of the free sample blank invoices is that they can be used for any business or sales activity.

Hence, you did not need to bother about your kind of business and you do not need to search for different invoices for your different kinds of sales activities. Just get it downloaded, print it, and start using it!

Features of an MS Excel Blank Invoice Template

MS Excel Blank Invoice Template

It contains certain aspects that are necessary to be mentioned on every invoice or receipt. For instance, the section for mentioning the name, email address, and phone number of the customer is included in a blank invoice.

The customer is just asked to fill in the information in the assigned section in the invoice. The section for signatures of the customer is also included where the customer gives his signatures upon receiving the product. This authenticates that the product has been delivered to the customer.

The sections for mentioning the name, logo, and official stamp of the seller organization can also be included in a blank invoice template.

Importance of Invoices Template:

Invoices have significant importance in daily business activities and financial transactions that are directly or indirectly linked with some kind of sales activity. This helps you in keeping a valid record of your sales and also helps in tracking the changes in inventory that might take place as a result of the shipment of products to a customer.

Moreover, if a seller is offering any kind of warranty with its products, then the validity of the warranty period starts from the date of sales that is mentioned on the invoice.

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Hence, any kind of warranty claim made by the customer, in case of any issues that might appear in the product during the warranty period, is directly related to the invoice for that product.

The invoice will be checked by the seller and only then, it will be verified whether the customer bought a certain product from the seller.

You can easily Get MS Excel Blank Invoice Template. Hence, the invoice serves the role of a receipt that is given to the customer from the seller as a record of a sale of a product to the customer.