If you’re looking for a waterfall chart template in excel xls format then first you know how it works and its properties as well as types. Below there some properties discussed.

  • Waterfall analysis excels template: if you are interested in making the dashboards for the projects or for any other purpose, this can more efficiently be done with help of waterfall charts. As they are used for a number of purposes, their major function is to help out reducing the gaps between plans and original values which is important for the success of a specific project. As it is shown up In graph form all the information is efficiently displayed.
  • Stacked bar waterfall excel sample chart: If you are interested in getting aware of the profit percentage earned in different quarters of the year, you may require a waterfall chart as it shows the opening balance for any quarter as well as how it ended up in the new amount. Has it been increased or decreased and then the reasons for this difference are figured out?

  • Excel waterfall chart with negative values: it does not only show the profit or the positive values, in fact but negative values are also shown easily as well as pillars columns ensure right levels are shown and exact amounts are shown on the graph.

Useful tips for excel Waterfall Chart template Xls

  • Check out what each color bar is representing in the bar chart.
  • You are able to use the same chart for different departments.
  • Check out the performance of your project managers by adding information in these charts.

Importance of excel waterfall charts xls template

To prevent errors and checking the right factor for the negative value, these charts are very important. You are just required to download the chart and decide you are going to use them for which purpose and then adding the appropriate information and it will get automatically adjusted according to the mentioned data.