Every project has its summary of events and activities; it will be easier to write a summary through its template. The basic purpose of this tool is to provide you a specific type of format for the précis of your project.

Every project manager is responsible for their project now after completing he has to submit a report to higher management regarding his experiences and a brief testimony of the project.

Today, there are many kinds of project management tools are adopted by companies to keep up to date with the latest status of their project but still, an executive summary is required.

Features and Attributes of Project Summary Template

Project Summary Template

  • This format allows you to customize it according to your necessitate
  • You can add a body of abstract
  • It helps you to make a professional brief but short description
  • This format full fill all requirement of summary
  • You can use this format for more than one project

Besides all of the other managerial approaches, some tools are basic for each type of project in which the project summary template is also included.

Many websites are offering their formats you can get them where you want. Exceltemple is also providing managerial templates. Also, excel spreadsheet dashboard  / Project timeline template and weekly project status report template.