Project status report is the collective and compiled report stating the current standing and position of a project by using the excel template. It states all the diagonal progressions in the accomplishment status of project tasks.

Sheeting to the generic purpose of management, project managers have to adapt such tools that assist them in rapid and smart working. Critically reviewing the outcome of every decision and working strategy, this report helps you to monitor the shortcomings and evade out any existing lags.

Particularly these days when there are multiple competitors lying in your target market, you have to be very much conscious and pointed about making decisions.

Therefore, project status templates are built on rightly influencing factors of project planning and help a project manager to instantly take a review of the entire work till the date. It also lets you monitor individual activities like tasks assigned to different teams, resources allocated to a specific portion of work, code of conduct, and other valuable involvements.

Project Status Report Template Excel Objectives


Usually, a report is created to compile the sectional developments and status of current developments and planned executions. The project status report, as can be seen from the name, project the status of the project and ranks its standing in the entire phase of accomplishment. There are different parameters, tools, gauges, and other assessment factors that are used to explain the position of work.

But a comprehensive status report delivers objectives based report of how efficiently or deficiently a task is done, what is the performance level and what is the caliber of ongoing quality. Stating all such things which include the interpretation of working related to project excavations, below here are some of the salient objectives of this status report;

  • Instant status delivery about progress on work
  • Highlighted impression of flaws and damages
  • Categorical explanation of lags and shortcomings to evade them out
  • Explicit demonstration about the adapted working strategy
  • The current existence of hierarchy based reporting in the project
  • Plan variants and trending changes in the market
  • It should be projecting the critical details of each segment of a project to analyze and assess properly

Excel Reporting Template

In order to consider sharp and intelligent machines that can shortlist your data and provisional information for anything and arrange it in an arrangement of a more useful layout, excel reporting templates are one best solution. These templates actually consider the provided information and process it with instructed functions to conclude their results.

These excel templates are specially customized for project managers, particularly those who are meeting multiple projects at the same time. Using these templates, they can quickly figure out what is new and updated about their project. It is of high degree significance to review the entire project through organized templates that systematically project different factors of consideration.

Grab Outstanding Excel Project Status Report Template

Depending upon the nature of the project there might be multiple complications in creating and composing customize excel templates. Therefore, in case, you don’t have any idea about how to give it a start, just go and grab the outstanding excel project status report template and customize them as per your requirements.


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