There are different kinds of invoice templates being used for business transactions in which the proforma template is also included. At the time of purchases by business and sales to customers, the Proforma invoice is issued at all kinds of retail and whole selling points.

This invoice is an authorized record of transactions and handing over of relevant items to the customer, signed by the activity supervisor.

In today’s business culture, it has become necessary to record all the transactions and records activities including sales to maintain accounts and balance off the payments.

The only segment of any business or any short-term project that brings the investment return over is sales. It is the only marginal activity that carries profits and invested amount back to the business therefore attaining properly facilitated records is a must.

Proforma Invoice Template is therefore provided to the cashier to cater to the largely occurring sales with handy features that help them to create bills easily.

Format and Layout of Proforma Invoice Template

proforma invoice template

Usually, the appearance and contingent factors of Proforma may vary but the overall idea and pattern of these invoices are the same all over the globe.

These invoices usually start with the company name as header and then are the monitory categories of items, item quantity, their prices, and the total bill for particular sales. Also, Cash Book Template & Payment receipt Template

Proforma Invoice, therefore, helps to quickly sum up the total bill and wind up the receipt issuing activity in a few minutes.

Based on the standard categories of products available at your store or shop, you can create a customize excel template that helps you rapidly adding up the total items bought by the customer and it resultantly states the total bill with all individual details.

This format is the only legal document as a record of the payment transaction and item issuance from the store or sale point which a customer holds.

It can be used for multiple purposes such as claiming faults, claiming warranties, payback guarantees, and in the case of return products.

To ensure that the item was purchased from a particular store, a customer has to present this invoice which contains the signed authorization from the sales supervisor or cashier.

The general layout of this invoice is simple and explains the categorical details of the activity by vividly mentioning the items and their total bill based upon the summation of individual prices which is issued after the payment handover by the customer.

Proforma Invoice Template Help in Immediate Billing

These days, all businesses use the Proforma invoice for immediate billing. These formats are based on the addition of all products available at a store or any kind of sale point.

Finding out a dedicated reference number, it becomes easier for the cashier to write off the bill.

It only takes a couple of seconds to mark the relevant entry of items, where its individual updated price is already added to the chart.

Once all the concerned items are mentioned on the billing side, this template automatically sums up the total bill and quickly prints the invoice out for the customer. A carbon copy of this invoice remains in the business accounts and the other copy is issued to the customer.

Sample Proforma Invoice

Instead of creating one, you can search multiple template formats available online and free on the internet. These templates are usually free and customizable as per your requirement.

You can download these Proforma invoice templates which suit your position and working format and adjust their categories according to your requirements.