A balance sheet is a basic tool of the accounts department of every company; every account managers use its template for the purpose of check and balance.

There are millions of private and GOVT companies are running their projects/businesses and every company has its own accounts dept because without this branch it is very hard to monitor and control business records and other sub-essentials.

The basic purpose of the balance sheet is to provide a brief description of your whole business/project all transaction records, capital utilization, and profit/loss statement.

Key Features of Excel Balance Sheet Template

balance sheet template

  • Basic balance sheet provide you all info about your all transaction
  • It provides you profit and loss ratio
  • You can use this template according to your requirement
  • It provides you customize option
  • You can put entries and gain results instantly
  • It also helps you to manage your accounts of your whole working staff

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Today some companies are using different automation for this purpose some of them are very expensive but still balance sheet template is using in thousands of companies.

No doubt this accounting management tool is playing a vital role in business/project management.