Incident Report Form Template is used for mentioning the details about the happening of an incident. It can contain information about the causes of the incident, its effects, and the potential solutions that have been applied or would be applied to minimize the adverse effects of that particular incident.

This template is being used by the emergency rescue teams and their managers in order to track the record of their services for incidents that occurred during a particular period.

Importance of an Incident Report Form

The incident report form has a lot of importance for the emergency rescue department teams. It lets them track their performance and actions that they took after rescuing people in certain incidents. This record will let them train the new personnel in the emergency rescue team. Moreover, this report form also helps the stakeholders of the emergency department to know about the incident in which the emergency team rescued people and the actions which the team is taking to mitigate risks in the incidents.

Format For Incident Report Form Template

incident report form template

If you do not want to rely on the online customized sample templates of the Incident form, then you can create this form on your own. In this regard, you can make it in MS Excel worksheet format.

Just open the MS Excel worksheet and make separate columns in it and give the different titles to each column; the title may refer to the different categories that are directly or indirectly related to the incident.

In this regard, you can mention the causes of the incident in a separate column and then, the effects of the incident in a separate column. The solutions to avert the adverse effects of the incident should be mentioned separately either in a separate column in the same worksheet or in another worksheet.

It will make the information organized and legible. You can also list the actions taken by the rescue team when the incident occurred. This will also include the actions taken to reduce the adversity of an incident.

Sample Template of Incident Report Form

Download Accident Report Form Template  / Request For Information Template

You can view Incident Report Form on different blogs and websites on the internet to get an idea about its format and to know how exactly this form looks like, particularly if you have never seen an incident report form ever before.

You can find forms with customized designs and you may also find some forms of existing emergency rescue teams. This will give a good idea that how the teams inscribe the information about an incident in the Incident report.

You can follow the same format for writing an incident report if you are working in an emergency rescue team or if you plan to run a rescue cell of your own in the near future for social welfare purposes.

The customized designs of most of the free sample templates will help you save your precious time as you would not have to spend any additional time or effort in creating a new design of the Incident Report Form.