Using Excel Template for inventory enhances the record management system which follows a specific pattern for the accommodation’s most recent available stats of stocks.

Plus formats of these spreadsheets are easily and widely understandable by the resource managers of the companies which may tell the instant status of stock by having a glance on the sheet and reserve the equity of stocks in the chronological order of requirement.

Microsoft provides the latest professional stock control template that you can be used in all platforms. It has all the professional essentials that you can use in it by using simple short keys.

The basic purpose of this format is to provide you an error-free format in which you can put all important and necessary information about your stock warehouse.  Here there are some features of excel inventory template:

Key Elements of Excel Inventory Template Format


  • No of inventory
  • Item name/no or product
  • Description of item/product
  • Price of unit or product
  • The available quantity of product/item
  • worth of inventory
  • order level of item/product
  • frequency of the order of an item
  • concession in price
  • item cease option