Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Template Excel

To make up any project successful it is important for the task manager or working team to use the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Template Excel in order to analyze the best benefits they are going to have against the price.

The cost-benefit analysis is something that lets the project manager know about the productivity of the task and all the positive outcomes or the benefits they are going to have in the project. The project coordinator uses to analyzes the correlation between the costs that are carried by the project and also compares it with the long-term benefits it is getting for the company or the firm as well.

This will help the manager to conclude the affectivity and benefits of the project in a better way and to justify all the expenses and bills to the authorities.

How Does (CBA) Cost Benefit Analysis Work?

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Template Excel

It is not really difficult to do the cost-benefit analysis but it is a little tricky or technical job to do. But the template made it easy for the manager or the coordinator in order to get things done in a perfect and specified manner as well.

As a whole, it contains three steps to accomplish, at the first step the analyst is required to put in all the expected or already done expenses in the records. In the table kind of formed template, it is easy to put up the figures along with the categories. On the next level, the analyst uses to put in the figures about the expected benefits that will be attained by the company from the expenses or the project.

This section includes all the expected benefits of the project that will lead to some success and provide long-term benefits to the company. In the last stage, the estimated cost or expenses will be subtracted from the expected benefits of the project in order to evaluate the weightage of the cost over expenses or expenses over cost.


  1. Compare costs and calculated benefits values of any project. In the event that the estimated costs are much more prominent than the aggregate benefits; one can infer that the task is not an advantageous venture of organization time and assets.
  2. On the off chance that aggregate costs and aggregate benefits are generally equivalent to each other, it is best to reconsider the costs and benefits distinguished and update the cost benefit analysis.
  3. If the aggregate benefits are much more prominent than the aggregate costs; one can reason that the proposed activity is possibly advantageous speculation, and ought to be further assessed as a sensible open door.

Excel Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Template

Cost-Benefit Analysis Template Excel

When it comes to the official format of the cost-benefit analysis then it is simply based on the nature of the project. It could be in the world file of an excel file as well but the excel format is much more supportive and helps to make quick calculations. It is divided into three section tables where you can put entries according to the sequence.

  • At first put in the expenses
  • On the second add up the expected benefits
  • Last, there will be a comparison.

Benefits of The Cost-Benefit Analysis Evaluation

It is not just about one time that you can use the cost-benefit analysis template excel in a project in fact it allows you to have a keen or close observation of all of your tasks and actions during a project effectively.

At the benign of any project, you can estimate analysis of whether you should invest in the project or not. While on the projects it will let you know what kind of material will be lasting for you and what the expenses necessary and beneficial for the project are and you should hit them first.

Performing a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Template is a profitable approach to measure the advantages and disadvantages of actualizing a proposed activity. You can download a cost-benefit analysis template from our website that will make it a really easy job.


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