You are now able to track down payment information of all your tenants easily and efficiently with Rental Invoice Template Excel.

These templates are created in word tool to help landlords miss any payment information. Printing shop invoice template is also added here therefore keeping a record of the printed copies made in a day for the customers as well as time recording is simple through these templates and it helps in observing customer inflow in the shop as well.

A rental invoice template is required these days, as different types of responsibilities are fulfilled by person and landlord feel difficulty in memorizing rental dates. If you have rented out multiple properties, you may come across the situation when immediately you realized that you have forgotten collecting rent from the specific property or you realize that you have taken half rent from a specific tenant due to his financial instability.

This situation can be avoided by charging your tenants professionally that are using rental invoices for the purpose. You can use these templates for residential or commercial buildings.

Rental Invoice Template Excel Features


Standard quality templates are added here which can be used for any rented out property as well as for paying guests as well. You can make changes in the sheets as required:

  • Rental billing invoice: according to the rental agreement usually the same rent remains for one year after which a specific amount or percentage of the total existing rent is increased. This rental amount can cause disturbance in tenants and landlords therefore these rental invoices show the amount required to pay by tenants. In case of any extra amount paid, its reason is added on the sheet, like to clear the existing outstanding balance.
  • Car rental invoice template: car rent business is becoming popular as companies are providing more and more facilities to their employees and therefore they take cars in good condition for a rental basis to provide pick and drop services. People renting out their cars can easily record the rental date and amount on the template.
  • Property rental receipt: real estate agents are making out their business by renting out property therefore landlords who are renting out furnished flats and apartments are charging more. Your rental invoice must show the amount for the building as well as for fixtures. Clear payment terms and billing term regarding electricity bills and telephone bills help being caught in legal trouble later.

Importance of rental invoice Excel

Paying guests are usually given a room in the house and it is shared by multiple girls or boys accordingly. These guests can be from university or office or they are from different regions and races. This might result in a disturbance in the rented-out room, therefore the landlord can prevent this trouble by keeping a professional system of accepting rental payments.

Tricks for Rental Invoice Template Excel UK

  • Use different invoices for commercial properties and residential properties.
  • Penalties and rental amount deadline date for each month must be mentioned on the invoice.

You are now able to get the templates in any format as different formats are used to create these invoices.