At any sort of workplace where employees work, attendance tracking calendar templates 2015 are very much helpful to gather accurate attendance records.

This record is much necessary for various assessments and internal management of the company. Seeking the net attendance ratio of each month, the performance evaluation of an employee can be well-read.

These templates are based on plain Excel sheets which are embedded with a formula of accumulative attendance for individual entry.

This entire work form is more or less a new dominant documentation platform that actually uses standard employee attendance tracker templates.

At large workplaces, hundreds and thousands of employees may be hired and deployed on various tasks in different departments and projects according to their assigned categories. Now maintaining a fine record of their presence and other daily details is not an easy task.

You need to manage this bulk data with a system that first categorizes and then stores all this information for a longer period of time. Here comes the best use of these templates.

Format of Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Template 2015

Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Template 2015

As the actual purpose of the employee attendance calendar is to mark their entries for all working days of the month and record their absentees for annual surcharges or deduction counts.

Also, this document is necessary for annual or monthly employee performance evaluation and their dedication to the job. With an interpreted conclusion, a manager can maintain the discipline and integrity of the workplace.

Therefore, while creating this document; you need to keep a couple of things in mind regarding its generic format and the presence of some key elements in the notes.

Take a look at the points below and try creating an attendance sheet yourself and manage the accumulative attendance record of the company or organization where you work;

  • Write the name of a company or organization for which this attendance sheet is created
  • Either create sections of attendance according to different departments
  • You may also arrange all employees in descending order of hierarchy
  • No matter you follow an order, you can also arrange all employees randomly in the first column along with their serial number or registration ID
  • Once you are done with it, write the names of all working days in the top row
  • Mark the attendance of each employee in the relevant day’s checkbox
  • As for further information, you can also write their entrance time and short leaves

These are some important factors which you must count on.

Excel Attendance Tracking Calendar Templates

Since we have already talked about the imposition of digital working means and their benefits from an efficiency and accuracy point of view, Excel attendance templates are one marvelous shorthand tool of a similar category.

Empowered with the strong listing and assessment-making capacity of Excel, these spreadsheets-based templates are very helpful for attendance marking and record-keeping.

If instructed for tracking, these templates let you search the attendance count and days of absentees as well. It avoids much of your time from manual sorting.

You can get plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize and edit according to your needs. In case you don’t find the best match, you can get the best Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Template 2015 from professional and skilled template designers available out there.