RACI Matrix Chart Template Excel implies the classical illustration of each individual with his assigned role and tasks. Identifying the roles and responsibilities of project management is very important for the task distribution and division of work to the right ends.

There are smartly created RACI chart templates exclusively created for this purpose use. Which, a project manager can create a precise and comprehensive role chart for everyone. These templates help in quickly lining up extensive work in a narrow bound team.

Before the implementation of RACI matrix templates in your project planning, you have to name four major genres of work. That is a description of RACI that is Responsible, Accountable, Consult, and Inform.

These are the four major categories of people involved in the project accomplishment. Using a simply present chart and making a correlation between tasks and nature of responsibilities of each person. Those tasks, managing the duties, and controlling outcomes become easy.

Formation of RACI Matrix Chart Template Excel

raci matrix chart template excel

While forming a self-structure RACI Matrix, you first need to list down all the major activities or tasks involved in a project and then you have to determine all the team members who will responsible for delivering their assigned tasks.

Responsible: is the person who is proficiently given the portion of task accomplishment using all his skills and expertise. He has to deliver or submit the assigned work portion within the given deadlines. For example in the case of software development projects, developers are responsible.

Accountable: Is the person who is held questionable for any sort of inquiries and evaluation of a complete and thorough check in order to ensure the successful completion of project work. For example, a team leader or project coordinator is accountable.

Consulted: Is the person who provides relevant instructions, database, consultancy, and mentoring for work. He is solely given the task of consulting everyone who acquires any help. These people are usually the expert and skilled professionals of the field.

Informed: Is the person who has a direct concern with the outcome and progress on the work. Usually, a project manager, business owner, or supervisor is informed.


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How To Avoid RACI Chart Drawback

Besides RACI benefits, there are some drawbacks that you may face. Here we discuss how you can avoid them;

  1. When there is more than one team member is working on the same task, they can easily misunderstand Roles and responsibilities.
  2. Because it is a complex process, so its take time to make a RACI model for all member.
  3. The team members can raise questions regarding their roles & responsibilities.
  4. For outsiders or stakeholders, it is not easy to find out the right person to communicate with within a complex project.
  5. RACI Matrix cannot pass judgment on task work or on deliverables.

SIX Steps To Create RACI Matrix Chart Template

  1. Identify Project Roles: Make a list of everyone involved in the project (names and their roles).
  2. Identify Project Tasks or Deliverables: Review the project plan and break it down into tasks and Deliverables.
  3. Assigning The RACI to Each Role & Task: It’s important to assign tasks but you have to think twice about who should be responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. Note that each task should have responsible and accountable at least.
  4. Get Aligned With Your Team: Conduct meetings with your team members to eliminate misunderstandings and confusion.
  5. Get Aligned With Your Core Project Stakeholders: Conduct meetings with your core project stakeholders to get them on the same page of confidence on that RACI chart matrix.
  6. Make it Useful: Throughout the life of your project, refer back to the RACI and align on who is responsible for what. Keep it updated.

Aspects That Should be Consider Before Creating Excel RACI Matrix Chart

These aspects must be included:

  • Team Members: In this excel chart template, we must add team member names and their roles in the project.
  • Tasks & Milestones: Enlist all tasks and milestones with starting and deadline on side of that column which represents task & milestones.
  • RACI Assigning: Assign roles and responsibilities among the team members for each task.

These tips will help you to make a professional and confusion-free RACI chart Excel template for your project management.


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