Tracking sales performance is easier through dashboards. Now, Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template that is useful for becoming aware of the sales and purchase units on any date.

The sales dashboard is easy to analyze the graphical display of the sales data. The intend of the sales dashboard spreadsheet template is to assist sales managers in decision-making.

The sales dashboards are customized by the sales team as per the sales strategy of the business and goals. What information a sales dashboard presents also keeps on changing with time.

However, the important thing is to monitor the sales data in real-time. Only then the sales dashboard will prove beneficial for any business.

The use of a key performance indicator dashboard is very common among the different functions of a business or projects. These dashboards include all the information that the relevant manager needs to view, monitor, track, and analyze.

Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

The sales dashboard spreadsheet template gives a quick overlook of the organizations’ sales health. So, the sales team can calculate revenue predictions. Similarly, the organization can analyze the performance of the sales team. Which sales representatives are successfully closing more deals and identify the key areas for continuous improvement.

The key metrics of the organization’s sales health are visualized with the help of dashboards. Such as revenue per representative, average hold time, call abandonment rates, dials per representative per hour, deals per representative per hour, and more.

The sales team always prefers to use a customized sales dashboard. Therefore, businesses create sales dashboard spreadsheet templates for sales representatives. These templates are developed using the MS Excel tool. Moreover, the sales dashboard spreadsheet templates are easy to use, edit, and customize as per the sales representative’s taste.

Sales dashboard spreadsheet templates don’t just show the real-time data of what achievements have been made yet. Also, it can represent information about the sales targets of a company.

Excel spreadsheets templates are now prepared for this purpose. They are now popular everywhere as they are easy to use and hold amazing benefits.

If you are interested in looking out for the sale volume in a month or sales made by any of your staff workers; this is possible through getting this sheet. There is no limit to trading places, in fact, they are now used everywhere.

They are not only useful for team leaders and floor managers; in fact, they create competition in the workers as well.

Usually, they are updated on a daily basis in the call center. You are now able to highlight top regions and areas as well, which you have the intention of making sales.

Features of Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Download this sheet and start using it. It has some amazing benefits and uses which are added here.

Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Financial Statements

  • These dashboards can create by targeting specific areas of the business. You are now able to search the one according to your needs. Make it more useful by making changes.
  • The income statement dashboard provides you a quick overview of the profit and expenses in the current or last month. Plan future marketing plans and strategies using charts in it.
  • Look out for the business assets and capital amount through this sheet. It does provide other important data like opening capital, any irrecoverable debts, and makes functioning better. They are important for auditing as well

Project Management

  • One of the biggest use of these templates is for planning. Planning is a must for the success of a new type of project and in the times when multiple projects are working on.
  • Have a look at available resources, resources required, project goals, time limit, time available, schedule, units completed, leftover units and all this data is available in the relevant dashboard.
  • It is required for smart planning and project leaders with various teams love to have charts and graphs available.

Marketing and Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

  • Another main use of these dashboards in the processes like marketing and sale.
  • You are now able to look for the sale units in any month or on any date, through having the data available n the excel tool.
  • These are composed of professionals to help out trading companies and restaurants.

Bar chart Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet

If you are interested in providing details in the bar form, this template is just for you. This is required by all the professionals and the company owners. These bars are drawn between any two factors. Get Excel Dashboard 2010

Online Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Now you can analyze online sales made by your business, by downloading this sheet. This is also required for making a comparison between online sales. And therefore, the main source of income for the company. This template is required by both small and large companies.

Elements of Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

There are several types of sales dashboard spreadsheet templates. These are usually relevant to the sales strategy used by businesses. If a business uses a pull-type sales strategy, the dashboard will include a different set of information than the push-type sales strategy business sales dashboard.

Similarly, what needs to be displayed on the sales dashboard isn’t a standard. Different sales managers use a different set of information to present on the sales dashboard at different times.

However, the business can identify the sales key performance indicators for the particular timeframes. These KPIs are the most relevant parameter to track and analyze using the sales dashboard spreadsheet template.

Typically a set of information is extracted from the following list to display on the sales dashboard as key performance indicators:

  • Number of Sales
  • Sales Revenue
  • Profit
  • Costs
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Accumulated Revenue
  • Incremental Sales
  • Average Weekly Sales Revenue
  • Above Sales Target
  • Monthly Sales Growth
  • Sales Country Performance
  • Average Revenue Per Unit

The sales dashboard KPIs are just limited to the above list. These are just a few of the common KPIs sales-team prefer to put on the display. Moreover, the same KPIs can be used for different lengths of time such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.




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