This Accident Report Form Template template is used by the hospitals and medical clinics to mention the details about an accident that a patient has faced and is being treated by them in the medical unit.

In this regard, it contains the causes, effects, treatments, and recommendations that the physician gives to the accident sufferer to cure the injuries afflicted by the accident.

Importance of an Accident Form Template

This form has essential importance assigned to it. It serves beneficial for the healthcare department of a hospital that can keep a valid and up-to-date record of the treatments the healthcare team applied to a patient who had suffered injuries in an accident.

In this regard, information about every kind of accident whether roadside accidents, landslide accidents, or injuries caused by falls, etc. can be listed in this report form.

This keeps the information saved and recorded in an organized manner. Moreover, the stakeholders and managers of the hospitals and healthcare units can also keep track of the actions taken by the healthcare team to cure the afflictions of an accident.

Accident Report Form Template Format

accident report form template

Creating this form is very easy and simple. You can use the MS Excel worksheet for it. Either you can put the information in the MS Excel sheet in softcopy form or you can simply print the Excel sheet and can insert the information manually.

In this regard, the name and logo of your hospital or healthcare clinic must be mentioned at the top of the accident form. It will assign authenticity to the report form.

To create the form, must mention categories of information in a separate column; that is, the causes of the accident should be mentioned in a separate column, the injuries suffered in a separate column, the details of the treatment applied in the separate column and the prescriptions suggested in another column.

Similarly, you can mention the medicines in a separate sheet or separately in the same worksheet.

Physician’s Recommendations in the Accident Report Form

The recommendations given by the doctor or physician can be mentioned in this report form. This can include a recommendation about using a particular kind of food and about the prevention of certain food or beverages.

This may also include the exercises suggested by the doctor to the patient and how many times the exercise must be repeated and other details of it, etc.

In this regard, the recommendations can be mentioned in a separate MS Excel worksheet if the details of the recommendations are many in numbers. This will make the information more organized and understandable.

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Sample Template of Accident Report Form

If you have never seen an accident form, then you can simply search it on the internet where you will find hundreds of sample templates of this form.

Most of the forms will have customized designs and most will have the name and official logo of the hospital units that are using them.

This will give you an idea about how the hospitals and medical units are using the accident report form and how the necessary information is included in this form.