Credit Notes Template in MS Excel can create in Microsoft as well as in openoffice; however, preferably the business companies use this note in MS Excel format. This is because a credit note contains sections and columns in it on a similar format as a debit note has in it. Therefore, it is generally use in Excel worksheet format. Credit notes have very essential importance in the business to business transactions. They help in keeping track of the selling and credit payment activity of a business.

Moreover, they help the business organizations (sellers) in establishing a mutual trustworthy contact with their customers. A credit note template is usually used for correcting mistakes that occurred in the debit template or for awarding credit to customers or for mentioning the amount that you have received from the customers for providing them products or services. The role of credit note Excel is entirely opposite to that of the debit note.

Features of Credit Notes Template in MS Excel

Credit Notes Template in MS Excel

Among the general features that includes in the credit note are the name of the customer, complete address and contact details. Including the postal box number of the customer, the description of the sale or business transaction. That took place between the customer and the seller, the quantity of the product that is sold to the customer and the amount that is paid by the customer to the seller. Which is for the those product that the customer purchase in a sale or business activity.

If you have never seen a credit note template, you can view it on the internet. Many websites and blogs offer free templates of credit notes as samples. You can download them and can use them for your own business transactions especially. If the samples you find on the internet have customizable designs and can be edit too. It will save your time and you will note have to create it on your own. However, if you do not find a customizable sample template of Credit Note, then you can create it on your own by using the MS Excel worksheet. Also Download Debit Notes Templates / Also Get Invoice Templates.

Creating Credit Notes Template in MS Excel

Creating a Excel credit note is very easy and simple. You will just have to spend some time for making it. In this regard, you can create a credit note form of your own by using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You will just have to insert values, relevant necessary details and description of the business transaction. In this regard, the address of the customer and contact details is include on the left hand side of the note whereas the date and time of the transaction is mention at the right hand side of the note.

The description of the product is mention below the contact details of the customer in a column. The quantity is mention in the column that is very next to the description column and the price of each unit is mention in the third column with the quantity mention for each unit of the product that is deliver to the buyer.