bank reconciliation statement entails a description and record of your cash transactions that are related to your bank account. Its Excel Templates helps you to make a professional record-keeping form.

It also entails the bills, cash withdrawals, cash payments, subscriptions, credits, and cash additions in your bank account. This statement is used for checking if the cash balance shown in your account is exactly what is available in your account. For instance, there have occurred many instances in which both amounts did not match.

The reason for this was numerous; for instance, in some cases, the accountant forgot to update the cash transaction in your account details, or the amount was updated incorrectly, or you yourself did not mention the correct account number and ended up hitting someone else’s account.

Such aspects are mandatory to be considered before you indulge yourself in suspicions about your bank accounts.

Using the bank reconciliation statement is essential for this purpose as it gives you a detailed account of all your cash account history that has taken place since the creation of your bank account.

For this facility, the bank reconciliation statement is being widely used by business managers and financial experts and of course, by individuals for tracking their bank account details.

Format of Bank Reconciliation Statement Template Excel

Templates of Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel

It would be better that you should download a free blank bank reconciliation statement. It will save your precious time and you do not have to create a new reconciliation statement.

If you have downloaded the reconciliation statement, you can start using it by simply inserting the details of your bank account in it. It is quite simple and you just have to insert the details of your cash activity on the new page of the statement book whenever you visit the bank for cash transactions.

Do not forget to mention the nature of the cash transactions and the number of cash transactions in your bank statement. This will keep the record safe for you.

You just have to write the necessary details with the amount of each transaction and the date of each in the reconciliation doc.

Features of a Bank Reconciliation Statement

A bank reconciliation statement contains the bank account number, the amount of cash transaction, the description of cash transaction, signatures of a bank account holder, name of cash recipient, and the name of the bank branch.

These details are necessary to be included in each bank statement. You must not forget to mention any of these details in your bank reconciliation statement. Get Cash Book Template

You can view the format of the bank reconciliation doc on multiple websites on the internet to get some knowledge of the statements. Many websites offer free downloadable templates that require only one mouse click for downloading the statements.

You can download a blank bank reconciliation statement Templates excel in Xls format and can insert your bank details in it to use it for your own bank account.

It will help you a lot in keeping track of your bank account activities. Many businessmen follow this method and keep full track of their bank account.