This Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel is used for different purposes in retail management and B2B activities. This template is very convenient in using for the firm managers and they can readily make actions against the complaints. Which customer claims to serve the customers in the best possible manner.

In this regard, either the sale invoice or this log list serves as a valid document for both the parties for making actions in response of the warranty claims made by the customer. The issue that can occur; is in this Issues log list document and then, the firm verify it and check. Whether the claim of the customer is genuine or not. In case of genuine claim, the firm is legally bound to make steps to eliminate the issues of the product; to serve the customer as per the terms and conditions of warranty.

Features of Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel

Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel

The details are add in the Log List document. These details include the time and date of the sale of the product, the date of shipment of product to the customer, the period of warranty offered by the seller, the nature of warranty granted by the producer, the nature of issue that might occur in the product before the warranty period arrives and the brief description of the issue occurred in the product. The clauses of terms and conditions apply on the claims made by the customer.

MS Open Items Issues Log List Template Excel

If you have not viewed an Open Items Issues Log List template in excel, then you can search it on the internet to find free samples of this log list. Many websites and blogs offer free samples of Log lists. Most of them have customizable designs and you can download them to use them for your own business activities.

Therefore, many project managers generally use the free templates of log lists if they are not bound by their stakeholders or employers to use specific or company-assigned log lists. On the other hand, you can also create this document on your own in MS Excel however, it will consume your time a lot. Therefore, you should prefer acquiring the ready-made templates of this documentation tool.

Functions of Open Items Issues Log List EXCEL

Generally, its function relates to adding referential entries in a business transaction activity; that might takes place between two business firms or between a firm and a client/customer. The entries added in this list served as a record of the transaction that took place between the two parties.

In this regard, this list can serve many purposes; for instance, it also use for keeping a valid record of products that firm also sale to customers. The customer can make any warranty claims if the product selling firm has assured warranties with the product however, the product would have not served according to the warranty assured by the firm.