Tracking sales performance is easier through dashboards. Now Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template that is useful for becoming aware of the sales and purchase units on any date. Excel spreadsheets templates are now prepared for this purpose. They are now popular everywhere as they are easy to use and hold amazing benefits. If you are interesting in looking out for the sale volume in a month or sales made by any of your staff worker; this is possible through getting this sheet. There is no limit to trading place, in fact they are now use everywhere.

Interested in having cool looking charts for your contact centers? They are not only useful for team leaders and floor managers; in fact they create competition in the workers as well. Usually they are update on daily basis in the call center. You are now able to highlight top regions and areas as well, which you have intention to making sales.

Features of Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Download this sheet and start using it. It has some amazing benefits and uses which are added here.

Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Financial statements

  • These dashboards can create through targeting specific area of the business. You are now able to search the one according to your needs. Make it more useful through making changes.
  • Income statement dashboard provides you quick overview of the profit and expenses in the current or last month. Plan future marketing plans and strategies using charts in it.
  • Look out for the business assets and capital amount through this sheet. It does provide other important data like opening capital, any irrecoverable debts and makes functioning better. They are important for auditing as well

Project Management

  • One of the biggest use of these templates is for planning. Planning is must for success of new type of project and in the times when multiple projects are being working on.
  • Have a look at available resources, resources required, project goals, time limit, time available, schedule, units completed, leftover units and all this data is available in the relevant dashboard.
  • It is required for smart planning and project leaders with various teams love to have charts and graphs available.

Marketing and Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

  • Another main use of these dashboards in the processes like marketing and sale.
  • You are now able to look for the sale units in any month or on any date, through having the data available n excel tool.
  • These are composed by professionals to help out the trading companies, and restaurants.

Bar chart Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet

If you are interesting in providing details in the bar form, this template is just for you. This is required by all the professionals and the company owners. These bars are draw between any two factors. Get Excel Dashboard 2010

Online Sales Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Now you can analyze online sales made by your business, by downloading this sheet. This is also require for making comparison between the online sales. And therefore main source of the income for the company. this template is required by both small and large companies.


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